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Privacy Statement

In3 is a service offered by Capayable BV trading under the name of In3 (hereinafter referred to as “In3”).

In3 deems the protection of your privacy of paramount importance. The following Privacy Statement explains which personal data In3 collects and how In3 treats this data. In addition, this Privacy Statement explains what rights you have within the framework of data protection and how you can exercise them. By visiting our website or purchasing our services, you agree to our privacy policy as outlined below. We ask you to read this statement.

In3 is (ultimately) responsible for processing the personal data it collects. We collect personal data when you use In3 or when you visit our website.

1. Whom we collect data from

In3 collects and processes information relating to consumers, online retailers and visitors of this website. The data we collect depends on the service you use.

1.1 Data provided to us by you 

You provide us with personal data when you: 

- place an order with a webshop and select the In3 payment method;
- share data with us in a different way; directly or indirectly.

This data consists of: 

- personal details: name, e-mail address, postal address, date of birth, telephone number. 

- payment information: invoice details, account number.

1.2 Data collected by us
When you use our payment method, we may collect the following information from you: 

  • order information such as product names; 
  • financial information such as a negative payment record;
  • historical information such as order history; 
  • IP address;
  • device IDs and other device information such as browser, operating system; 
  • data collection device such as web browser, mobile browser, application; 
  • geographical information.
  • of Comm. number

Every visit to the In3 environment is automatically registered. We collect the following information in the process (hereafter referred to as “other information”): 
- date and time of your visit to the In3 website;
- website from where you were directed to the In3 environment; 

In order to obtain this information, we use cookies.  The information you share with us, as well as the information about your order and your financial information, is needed to offer the In3 payment method. The other information is needed for other purposes, which are explained below.

2. Why we are allowed to collect and use your data

In3 processes personal data for the purposes as specified below. We further specify how long certain data are stored for.

2.1 Purposes



Retention period

Identification, Risk & Fraud Management 

To confirm your identity and verify your personal data.

2 years


Risk analysis, risk management and fraud prevention.

2 years


To check your data with a credit agency.

2 years


To prevent misuse of the In3 payment method and to improve risk assessment.

2 years

The administration of payments & customer relationship management

To manage payments and customer data.


7 years


To manage the services of In3 and for internal processes.

7 years


To comply with applicable Directives and legislation, such as the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act.

Depending on the relevant legislation

2.2 Automated decision
If you are not a known customer to us, we use your data to perform an automated real-time risk assessment to gain an insight into your creditworthiness. If you are a known customer, we will decide on the basis of your order history whether your request for payment in arrears or staggered payments will be accepted. We do this on the basis of the following characterisation: “returning customer”.

2.3 Improvement In3 website
Your data may be used to identify users and to make the In3 website more personal, interactive and user-friendly. In addition, your data can be used to answer your questions, ensure the security of data and to prevent abuse of the website.

2.4 Customer contact
Your data can be used to establish customer contact such as sending notifications about our services and to contact you for customer service purposes.

3. Sharing your data outside the EU

By default, In3 does not process (or send) personal data outside the EU. In situations where it does need to do so, In3 ensures that the right measures are taken to guarantee the same level of privacy as within the EU. One such example of these measures are additional contractual agreements regarding the confidentiality and applicability of European legislation. You can request a copy of these additional agreements at This e-mail address is managed by the data protection officers of In3.

4. Who do we share your information with?

In3 uses professional market parties that facilitate In3 in, among other things, managing payment overviews, performing credit scores in order to gain an insight into the creditworthiness of consumers who use In3 and to ensure the efficient organisation of In3’s risk management. In3 uses Experian and Graydon to obtain credit scores. Questions about these professional market participants and their method of data processing can be submitted to In3 at

Furthermore, data may be shared with the authorities if required by law. However, we will only do this if this obligation is demonstrated.

When we share your data with third parties who, for example, organise the invoicing for us, we take all legal, technical and organisational measures to ensure that your data are carefully secured when they are handed over to these parties.

In3 does not sell personal data to third parties. In addition, we do not send your data to third parties for direct marketing, remote sales and market research purposes unless you have consented to do so.

5. How does In3 protect your data?

In3 takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data against unauthorised access, transfer, destruction or other unauthorised processing. The security measures include firewalls, encryption, use of secure IT environments, access control, training of personnel working with your data and the careful selection of third parties who will be processing personal data for us. In addition, access to your information is limited to personnel of In3 that need your data to exercise their duties.

6. Other websites

Our website can make reference to other websites. In3 is not responsible for the privacy statements or content of these websites. We advise you to read the privacy statements and terms and conditions of these websites before using them. 

7. Use of cookies and similar tracking technology

Cookies are small files that are temporarily stored in the browser cache of users when visiting a website. Our website uses cookies to collect statistical information about the use of our website and to make our website more user-friendly.

If you do not want cookies on your computer, you can block the use thereof via your browser settings. Bear in mind that some website features only work if you enable cookies. 

You can also delete cookies from your browser history. By deleting cookies on a regular basis, you can change the user profile that is based on it. However, the removal of cookies does not stop the collection of data, it merely removes the profile based on your previous browsing history.

9. What rights do you have

Inspection: you have the right to inspect your personal data held on record by In3.

Correction: we make sure that your data held on record by In3 is correct and up to date. You can ask us to change or delete information if your data contain errors.

Deletion: you have the right to request deletion of your data. We cannot always delete your data with immediate effect in connection with any legal retention periods or the execution of the payment agreement.

Objection: you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data if you believe that the process is incorrect or unlawful. You can do so by sending an e-mail to

Revoke consent: when we process personal data based on your consent, such as the newsletter, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time. You can do so via our website, at the bottom of the newsletter or by sending an e-mail to

Data portability: if your personal data are automatically processed for the execution of an agreement, you have the right to request a readable format for transfer to another party. 

10. Who to contact in the event of questions

The data protection officer at our office ensures that we handle and protect your data properly. You can contact her if you have any questions.

Contact details of the data protection officer:

Name: Wendy Franken
Company: Capayable B.V.
Adres: Meerenakkerweg 1A, 5652 AR Eindhoven
Phone: 088 - 39 93 333

11. Where can you file a complaint?

If we collect information from you and you are dissatisfied with this privacy statement or the way in which we handle your data, you can submit a complaint to the regulator, which is the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Dutch Data Protection Authority

Visiting address: Bezuidenhoutseweg (by appointment only) 30, 2594 AV The Hague

Postal address: Postbus 93374, 2509 AJ The Hague

Telephone: 0900 200 12 01 (standard call charges)

Opening hours: on working days from 9am to noon and from 2pm to 5pm


12. Changes to the Privacy Statement

In3 is continuously improving its website and its payment method. For that reason, In3 reserves the right to change its Privacy Statement by publishing the changes on its website. Changes can also be made as a result of changes in the General Data Protection Regulation, other in relevant legislation or case law. We advise your to regularly check the content of the Privacy Statement.

The last change to this Privacy Statement was made on 25 May 2018.