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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering with in3

  • What is in3?
  • In3 is a payment solution that every webshop should have, including yours. We allow your customers to make the payment in 3 instalments, without incurring additional costs for it. Click here to find out how it works.

  • How does in3 work?
  • With In3, customers pay in 3 equal instalments via iDEAL. Click here for an explanation.

  • Is in3 also available abroad?
  • Currently, In3 only operates in the Netherlands, but we do have great ambitions to roll out to other countries. The next country where in3 will be available is Belgium.

Rates & conditions

  • What are the rates to start offering In3?
  • Rates depend per webshop and per sector. We charge a fee for each successful transaction. There are no other extra costs! Click here to request further information.

  • Do I pay any monthly costs or connection costs?
  • No! You are not bound by a one-year contract or a subscription and you can opt in and out any time you want.

  • How can I request a quote?
  • Complete the contact form and we will send you an overview of the possibilities as soon as possible.

  • How do I receive the agreement?
  • After the offer has been approved, we will send you the registration package. After receipt, we will supply the plug-in straight away so you can get started.

Logos and webshop layout

  • Where do I find the In3 logos?
  • Click on link for logos.

  • Where can I find sample texts for on my website?
  • Click on link for sample texts.

  • How do I add In3 to the product page?
  • Click on link for instructions on how to add In3 on the product page.

  • I want an even higher conversion rate. What can I do?
  • Visit this page to find out how in a joint effort, we can generate more revenue for your webshop.


  • How can I add in3 to my webshop?
  • In3 can be implemented in any way and is possible for every web store. We have our own API, various plug-ins and we work together with various payment service providers. Click here for an overview.

My customer

  • What happens if my customer does not pay in time?
  • Throughout the process, we remind your customer to make the payments in time. We do this entirely free of charge and with a customer-friendly and professional approach. If payment has not been received within 75 days, we will forward it to our debt collection partner.

  • Is my customer allowed to defer payment?
  • In special cases, we will be happy to assist your customer. For this, it is best to send an e-mail to

  • Why is my customer unable to place an order?
  • In3 performs a data check prior to payment. Reasons for an unsuccessful payment can vary. We will be happy to explain this to the customer by telephone, via WhatsApp or by e-mail.

Manage orders

  • How do I communicate a cancellation or return?
  • This depends on how your webshop is linked to In3. Generate a credit note that corresponds to the actual return value either via your own system or through your PSP. We will process the refund to the customer and settle this with your webshop later, if applicable.

  • Does my customer receive an adjusted invoice?
  • If a return or cancellation is known within our system, we will notify the customer accordingly.

  • My customer has stated an incorrect e-mail address.
  • We send all payment overviews by e-mail. It is, therefore, important that we have the correct e-mail address on record. If the e-mail address has been entered incorrectly during ordering or if it has changed in the meantime, please send a message to

  • My customer had already paid, but has now returned the products. How will the customer be refunded?
  • Generate a credit note that corresponds to the actual return value by means of the way in which you are linked to In3. We will process the refund to the customer and settle this with your webshop later, if applicable.

  • The customer’s delivery address has changed. Can I amend this?
  • Unfortunately, this is not possible. We carry out a data check beforehand and it is on the basis of these data that we determine to accept or reject the payment risk for this order. The address forms a part of the data that we check. Acceptance of said risk is no longer valid if delivery is made at an alternative delivery address.

  • What do I do in the event of suspected fraud?
  • Unfortunately, despite the data check, we cannot always prevent fraud. If you suspect an order to be fraudulent, the best course of action is to send an e-mail to


  • When will I be paid?
  • We guarantee to pay the amount, depending on the option you choose. We can take over the invoice straight away or only in cases concerning non-payment. Click here to ask for the possibilities.

  • I have received a payment intended for In3.
  • Please transfer the amount to NL42INGB 0006 528 043 in the name of Stichting Beheer Ontvangsten Capayable, stating the invoice number. We will process the payment as quickly as possible.

  • Is payment guaranteed?
  • Yes, we guarantee to pay out every order that has been accepted and that meets the conditions.

Contact us

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